Founded in New York in 2003 and led by principal, Marie Aiello, Marie Aiello Design Studio (MADS) provides award-winning interior design services to residential and commercial projects, ranging from high-rise penthouses for titans of industry to hotel properties for award-winning real estate developers. Residential projects include homes for clients such as Fortune 500 CEOs, leading executives in the film, television, music, professional sports industries, and 3-star Michelin chefs. Commercial projects include multi-use hospitality, retail, and entertainment developments for global brands to off-Broadway stage productions.

The firm’s practice is based upon Marie’s history of producing stories for Hollywood television movies along with her global travels and education. The result is Marie’s ability to imagine and create one-of-kind, signature interior spaces reflecting a client’s own passions, philosophy and lifestyle.

Prior to opening her design studio in New York, Marie’s dual degrees from UCLA in English and Art History instilled a desire in her to travel the globe, experiences which informed her love of design.

While living in Paris, she studied under the noted artist and designer, Yves Mikaeloff. In St. Barthélemy, FWI, she was the English Editor of destination and style magazine Magic St. Barth, and is noted for creating Jetlag, the successful lifestyle boutique and destination for fashion, home furnishings, and objets d’arts. She settled in New York City and founded her firm after earning her degree in interior design from The New York School of Interior Design.

Marie has been recognized for her interior design role for a private residence that achieved an AIA and HOBI Award. She was named Emerging Designer for the Metropolitan Home’s Showtime House, has been featured several times on NBC’s LXTV Open House, and has starred as lead Designer for Discovery Channel’s Construction Intervention.

Marie’s continuing work with Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS (DIFFA), and her seats on NYSID’s Alumni Council, and The Working Group at NYSID reflect her deep passion for giving back to the community and supporting the advancement of the design industry.