California native, lover of design, art, and adventure, Marie Aiello's professional journey began in Los Angeles, California. While earning her dual degrees from UCLA in English and Art History, Marie was able to express her love of storytelling through her work producing television movies rich with storyline.

Marie's love of adventure, culture, and art next brought her to Paris, France to reconnect with the core of her passion. She took a pied-a-terre in the colorful streets of the Marais and effortlessly assimilated into the French culture. Marie went on to study under the noted artist and designer, Yves Mikaeloff, and, driven by her love of art and design, quickly immersed herself in all of Europe.

Inspired by the objects and textures she discovered on her global adventures, Marie relocated to exotic St. Barthélemy, known as the FWI's island jewel. There she created the successful lifestyle boutique, Jetlag, as well as the destination and style magazine, Magic St. Barth, where she was also the English Editor. Marie created a destination for the sophisticated world traveler curating fashion, home furnishings, and objects of desire for the discerning customer.

In 2003, Marie opened her New York interior design studio. Since then, MADS has been contracted to design projects ranging from high-rise penthouses for titans of industry; to multi-use hospitality, retail, and entertainment developments for global brands; from award-winning residences to off-Broadway stage productions. Marie's breadth of design solutions reveals her ability to capture a brand or client's unique story and leverage her entertainment production experience to deliver design excellence efficiently. Her clients include Fortune 500 CEO's, leading executives in the film, television, music and professional sports industries, 3-star Michelin chefs, and award-winning real estate developers.

Marie was named Emerging Designer for the Metropolitan Home’s Showtime House, and recognized in her interior design role for a private residence that achieved both an AIA and HOBI Award. She has been featured several times on NBC's LXTV Open House and has starred as Designer for Discovery Channel's Construction Intervention. Marie's passion for giving back to community welfare, and supporting the advancement of the design industry runs deep and is expressed through her continuing work with Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS (DIFFA), and the mentorship program at the New York School of Interior Design, from which she graduated.