"Great Design is a culmination of life experiences,
memories and aspirations... Life is not static; it is a journey
to be lived, loved and embraced... a fantastic story to
be told through the language of art and design."

Marie Aiello has lived her life in the spirit of her definition of great design. Having lived and worked in New York, St. Barth, Paris and Los Angeles, and traveled the world from Africa to the Middle East, from the Mediterranean to the Pacific Rim, she has been able to enrich her designs with the sophisticated colors, forms and textures of the world. Through her passions for design and culture, she is able to interpret and realize her client’s desires for their environments.

Marie Aiello combines a modern sensibility with a great respect to the classics. MADS’ interiors are refined and elegant with an emphasis on texture and color, and always touched with whimsy!


I believe the most important single thing,
beyond discipline and creativity is daring to dare.

— Maya Angelou